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You can upgrade it with heavy weapons or outfit it for freighter duty—whatever the mission demands. Then, visit the planets and asteroids of Sol, torn in competition among the Four Powers of Earth. Like the game itself, the Eternity Port score builds on and expands the existing Transcendence experience. Transcendence is a single-player, PC-based, role-playing game of space-combat and exploration.

Space Combat and Exploration in a Vast and Dangerous Galaxy

The space-operatic theme and realtime combat were inspired by Star Control II , while other game mechanics in Transcendence were inspired by Nethack. Most of the star systems in the game are procedurally generated and part of the appeal of the game is adapting to the circumstances created by the random-number generator.

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Some items are unknown to the player, and their effects on the ship, good or ill, are only discovered after using them. In addition, the game encourages but does not require playing with permadeath. Transcendence has a passionate community of players, mostly drawn to the game's sophisticated and powerful modding system. Anyone can create an extension for the game by editing basic XML files. More advanced modders may use TLisp, a Lisp-derived scripting language, to create more complex and varied extensions.

1 kronosaur stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

There are hundreds of extensions available on the user-run site, Xelerus. Download Transcendence 1.

Transcendence -- The Stars of the Pilgrim HD (Director's Cut) - Al Maisan - 12 Playthrough

Website: transcendence. Forum: forums.

Latest Jobs. QA Tester. Latest Blogs. Press Releases. And so, despite the odds, and in defiance of almost all reason, I'm very happy to announce the founding of Kronosaur Productions , my third game company.

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  • Zitronenblaues Himmelgrün: Ein Tag im April (Kunterbunt) (German Edition).
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Kronosaur Productions will work on new games and continue development on Transcendence and Anacreon. When I told friends and relatives that I was starting a new game company they invariably asked what kind of games I was writing. I didn't have an answer beyond the unhelpful, "the kind of games I like writing.

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  3. Glück kann man üben (German Edition).
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  5. Do I want to create narrative-heavy games? Do I want to focus on innovative gameplay? Do I want to create deep and believable game universes? All sounded good, but I knew that saying "all of the above" risked ending up with none of the above. But when I really thought about it I realized I don't want to create games at all: I want to create toys, or more precisely, I want to create games that are also toys.

    The challenge for the player is to accomplish the objectives within the rules set by the designer. In contrast, a toy like Legos has no rules beyond its physical properties and no objectives at all. A child playing with Legos must invent their own objectives.

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    In effect, the child has become a game designer with almost no constraints. This distinction between game and toy is not binary. It has a very extensive set of rules, but it is not a finished game in the same way that Monopoly is. There is enough content and constraints to build on, but also the freedom to take the game in any direction you want. It is the perfect intersection of order and chaos.

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    In a similar sense Transcendence is both a game and a toy. It is a stand-alone game, enjoyable as a pure player. But is is also a toy that you can tear apart and put back together in a different configuration.