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Faulhaber was ordained priest in , attained the Dr. He was widely known as a brilliant speaker and powerful preacher. A resolute monarchist, he kept his distance from the Weimar Republic. His first novel, Soldier's Pay reflects on the unease felt by Southern soldiers returning from the war. His later novels develop the complicated lives of ….

Author s : Mohr, Burkhard [German Version] May 12, , Pamiers, France — Nov 4, , Paris , leading French composer of his day, whose students were later to leave a profound impact on 20th-century French music. At a very young age he entered the Ecole Niedermeyer to study church music — He received piano classes from Camille Saint-Saens and studied the music of R. In he was appointed organist in Rennes, working at various Parisian churches from From , Faure worked as a missionary in Togo.

At that time,…. He became Dr. An honorary citizen of Heimsheim, he was married to Hel…. Faustinus's theological position in this confession and in his essay De trinitate , which was written at the behest…. Author s : Hannick, Christian [German Version] A History of Armenia under the Arsacid dynasty, covering the years to , is attributed to a person of this name.

Despite attempts to postulate an initial composition in Greek or Syriac, it is now considered to be an originally Armenian work. It represents an anonymous compilation of epic narratives from the late 5th century. Neither the first name nor the surname, which is usually thought be a toponym, corresponds to historical realities. Seen in an Iranian c…. Though considered a spiritual authority, he was unable to allay Augustine's doubts regarding the intellectual tenability of the Manichaean myth. Banished presumably in on charges raised by Catholic Christians, he was already pardoned in In a code of instructions for disputations of Mani….

His renown is based primarily on his doctrine of grace. In , at the request of two synods in Arles Homoeans and Lyon, he wrote the essay De gratia and argued for a middle way between the predestinationism of a certain Lucidus, which was strongly influenced by Augustine, and Pelagianism Pelagius. Old Testament — II. New Testament — III. Judaism — V. Fear of God encompasses both the immediate reaction of a person gripped by horror before the holy God the numinous and the behavior of the pious person toward God in the form of obedience and praise.

Consequently, fear of God can also designate veneration of God and piety religion. The God of Israel is not only a nume…. Author s : Bieritz, Karl-Heinrich [German Version] The Christian calendar of feast days can be understood as a series of overlapping cycles of time.

A first cycle consists of the Sundays recurring in the rhythm of the seven-day week. They provide the foundation stones for the Christian feast day calendar and determine its basic form. The second cycle begins with Easter, the oldest Christian annual feast Feasts and festivals.

Like the Passover Pesach; Feasts and festivals feast it is linked to the lunar cycle and today stretche…. Author s : Fechtner, Kristian [German Version] Alongside the congregational sermon on Sundays and the occasional sermon related to official church procedures, the feast day sermon constitutes the third major type of Christian sermon. Judaism — IV. Early Christianity — V. Church History — VI. Liturgical and Practical Aspects I. They refer to the calendar and also evoke the notion of the divine: a feast day is a special day set aside and dedicated to a certain supernatural being.

To speak,…. Easter is the oldest Christian feast Feasts and festivals and unfolds in the liturgical tradition in the time after Easter with Christ's Ascension and Pentecost, and in the time before Easter with the pre-E…. Author s : Link, Christoph [German Version] was a movement for the reform of ecclesiastical policy and regional church law in 18th-century Germany, in which episcopalian Episcopalism: II and national church ideas combined to form an explosive mixture.

It owes its name to a book written by the suffragan bishop of Trier J.

Hontheim — , De statu Ecclesiae et legitima potestate Romani Pontificis …, which appeared in under the pseudonym Justinus Febronius. Following a selective reduction of its contents, the book became the agenda of Febronianism. Hontheim's objec…. In the same year, he became pastor in his home town Langendenzlingen and, in , professor of Hebrew and metaphysics at the Gymnasium in Durlach; in , he became court preacher, and in , superintendent in Durlach.

He fled to Calw as a con…. Author s : Lippy, Charles H. Protestant denominations, to boost Protestant influence. Jointly producing some educational materials and coordinating home and foreign missions, member churches tried to sustain the Protestant character of American culture.

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Early on, the FCC adopted a social orientation and supported the concerns of the working class. The FCC emerged at a time when similar groups were forming in areas like religious education, student wo…. The illegitimate son of a prince Gagarin led an ascetic life as a librarian at the Rumyantsev Museum in Moscow.

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This is a…. Philosophy — II. Fundamental Theology — IV. Dogmatics — V.

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Ethics — VI. Practical Theology and Psychology of Religion I. Philosophy Feeling or sense Lat. Until well into the modern era, the term encompassed without distinction both sensory perceptions and emotions affects, passions, moods. Feine's major work was his magisterial compendium Kirchliche Rechtsgeschichte history of canon law of the Catholic Church published in On the basis of the outline by U.

Stutz Feine emphasized the development of the constitution of the church as the chief perspective of his book, thus choosing a germanically colored arrangement…. Glogau], Poland — May 17, , Bratislava [Ger.

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In , he entered the religious foundation of Augustinian Canons in Sagan and became its abbot in He reformed the school system in Silesia general regulations for Roman Catholic schools in the territory , and from also in Austria under Maria Theresia general school order. He lived there until his death, after Joseph II had removed him from office in Author s : Kriegbaum, Bernhard [German Version] was a Donatist bishop before — after , who joined the schism of Maximian in and, in consequence, was excommunicated by the Donatist Council of Bagai ; Donatism: IV.

Until , Felicianus was able, despite various condemnations on the part of the pro-conciliar court, to remain at the head of his congregation. However, under the pressure exercised by Optatus of Thamugadi on the Maximianists, he returned to the Donatist majority. Thus, he remained in office and rank….

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According to the early Carolingian Passio , the two siblings were members of the Theban legion that was annihilated in Agaunum. Nov 22, The consecration took place against the will of the people and in violation of the oath of allegiance to Liberius. In anticipation of Liberius's foreseeable return, the Senate and the people expelled Felix from Rome in In the following years, he attempted to asser…. It is difficult to say anything with certainty concerning his life and work.

According to the most reliable source Eus. Nearby is Anse de la Corderie, a place presumably associated with rope making. Aix was overrun in the space of five hours by a force of 17 ships, 65 transports, and 10 men.