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Gino: Your first book, Area 51 , ends with a message that is sent out into space as the epilogue. In my Area 51 series I essentially rewrite the entire history of mankind. I keep almost all the facts the same, I just change some of the explanations. For example, in researching the history of The Sphinx for Area 51, I learned it had been scored by rain early on, which means the weather in Egypt was very different. Do you remember when you first read the book and do any details about your first time reading it stand out?

Bob: I read so much science fiction when I was young. I believe science fiction is the genre for exploration and to learn about possibilities via book. Gino: Does the cover design of the version you first read resonate with you or have any special meaning?

I ask because so many people seem to attach their memories of a book to a particular edition or cover. Bob: I had the original paperback. Covers back then were almost more artsy. Nowadays publishers are so focused on marketing and trying to entice people into the book. Gino: Clarke made some modifications to the first chapter and added a forward to later editions of the book because he felt it had become dated. What do you think of this decision?

There seems to be a cast of thousands, but keeping them compartmentalized is really not that important.

If you are looking for character development, this series isn't for you. If you are looking for action and adventure "Indiana Jones" style; you will like this book.

Area 51 - Book Series In Order

I plan to read the entire series, but I will pace myself. I have read all the Area 51 books by Mayer. Some are better than others. I thought the Sphinx was one of the better ones. It is hard to pick out what makes me think it is one of the better ones, but I think that the saga, yes saga described in the series is a impressive attempt to stitch together some of the great mysteries and legends of human history.

The context for all of this is the rather clever idea that aliens not a new idea, but these are different visited Earth more than 10, years ago and are responsible for many of the legends and great artifacts such as the pyramids, Great Wall of China, Easter Island, and of course, the Sphinx. There are so many legends and historical figures woven into the series, that at times it is hard to keep everything straight.

Secret Knowledge Hidden Underneath the Great Sphinx

The titles of the books are clues to some of the legends and artifacts. That said, I thought The Sphinx and the secrets beneath it was a really good read. It's not for everyone, but it moves fast, the characters are developed and consistent, and the plot of the book, which is an integral part of the arc of the entire series, is consistent.

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I did not find many loose ends. One thing Ignore the occasional typo or grammar error and enjoy a great yarn that spans all of human history and presents a quite different spin of some the the ideals and beliefs we hold so dear. Many people are beginning to question and research our ancient past and discover in the process that a lot of what has been imprinted upon our minds, as history, is wrong, misleading and sometimes downright lies.

This book, part of a the Area 51 series utilizes many facts from current historical, archaeological and archaeo-astronomical research and make it fun! Not for the sake of debunking any research, although there is a certain amount of "license" taken with many of the facts. The author has created one of those novel series that create a great sense of reality because many of his locations and assumptions are based on historical and recent discovery.

It's all great fun and leaves you with a desire to get to the next book in the series as soon as you've completed your current one. The series will be tremendously enjoyed by those who have ever wondered about our true history and it's relationship to our future. If you're a sci-fi fan or an ancient history buff this is the series for you!

Some light and enjoyable reading with a large measure of excitement built in, to alleviate the clay dust from the ruins of Sumerian civilization. Turcotte takes the team and Yakov to Station IV to investigate what was still there and figure out what was taken. He finds out it was a control box which explains how STAAR can control the Talonship, but Yakov thinks the KGB has hidden artifacts that may contain the key they are looking for called the Spear of Destiny, which means they have to go to Moscow to get it.

Unfortunately, they are partially betrayed by one of The Ones Who Wait, who causes them to dig out to find the Archive storage where they find what they came for, then Turcotte calls for rescue. But Yakov has a tracker on him which is not discovered until they return to Area Meanwhile, an anthropologist named Mualama is in Brazil, looking for the Devil's Throat which at this time is in the middle of a swift-running river.

He finds it and dives under it for a spot he was told from his research has an underground dry cave that something hidden there. His group is attacked while he is there underwater by a group of tribesmen led by a tall stranger, who has the tribesmen take the bodies of those they had killed as an attraction for the piranhas who roam the river. Mualama is saved by the sacrifice made by his guide to lead the fish away while he floated over to the other side of the river downstream behind the fish. The Mission strikes again.

Mualama had returned to Africa and enlisted his nephew Lago to help him reach his next site which required climbing up a mountain through both jungle and cold ice snow terrain, Mount Speke. There he finds another cave under an ice wall of icicles, called the Devil"s Veil.

He now has the entire written manuscript of Burton, which has to be translated.

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But He learns from the drawings he needs to go to Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. There using a surveyor's scope to triangulated, they start digging in a meter area, while discussing the possibility of this crater being the remains of the sister to Kilimanjaro. After two hours of digging, they hit a metal that is colored red with markings of high runes.

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After another few hours, they manage to uncover and pull out the red marker stone and find underneath a black metal pod which had been buried for about ten thousand years. Inside is a skeleton seven feet tall, with long arms and legs, plus the facial bones were different than human, elongated with deep eye sockets.

It had a crown made of gold with a large black gem set in the middle plus a slender rod, a foot-long, two inches thick, with one end of the rod holding ahead of a lion with ruby-red eyes. Duncan gets him plus what he discovered rescued back to Area 51 but his nephew is killed. After everyone is calmed down and talking, Mualama discloses what he knows and suggests they go to Giza and go into the area under the Sphinx with the key he has to open the Hall of Records.

They get past all the people protesting their presence there and are taken inside by another Kafi, where they find out only one of them can enter wearing the special robes and cap so Duncan is selected to go into the Hall of Records, leaving Mualama and Kafi waiting. A message has been sent out from that island supposedly from Kelly Reynolds, claiming the Airlia are friends and mankind should let the Airlia take care of their problems unhindered by man's interference.

The Secretary of Defense is killed by the Guide member. Slowly Kelly Reynolds gets herself from under the control of the guardian on Easter Island but she can't stop the events that occur when the guardian starts to use the nanotechnology left on the island to its benefit. The first thing it does is let a glider into the shield to land and converts it to its design with nanotech virus metal and sends it back to the carrier U.

Washington which causes the ship to beach onto the island taking a third of its crew too, but there's a gap in the shield now in the space created on the bottom shelf by the ship grinding the bottom area. Kelly Reynolds sends a coded message that lets them know she is free from control by the guardian and information that the guardians are not connected together but there is a master guardian somwhere on Earth. Jun 25, Shawn Deal rated it really liked it.

Audio Editions

Another good book of the series. This is the middle book of the series and reads like a middle book. This doesn't have an exact ending, this is a set up novel for the books that come next. A lot of characters in this novel, much more than the previous four. Lots of changing scenes as we go from character to character. It is a good book, but moves around a lot. I had to refer back several times to try and make sure I knew who the author was talking about.

Jan 29, Shaft rated it liked it. Is it cheesy? Like a deep pan pizza. Still it is engaging and the lore is right there and interesting I keep threatening to crack a textbook and find out a little more about ancient civilisations because I keep hearing about them here. Like Axom for instance. If you like Sci-Fi it is worth a try. The Story That Never Ends This book series is straying very, very far away from its Area 51 beginnings.

Jul 15, George Fodor rated it really liked it. For me, a slow reader by choice , this requires longer reading times than that provided by my DC Metro commute. Nov 21, Larissa rated it it was amazing. I love how he brings together so many different elements into a story where it all fits. Things just keep building, I can't wait to see how things go. Better and Better This series just keeps getting better and better. I'm excited there are several more books in the series to read.