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We all love to feel like there is something more, something beyond the reach of what is known that brings freshness to what has become mundane in our lives. Yet we usually resist it or push it away when it does present itself, choosing to reside in the comfort of what is "known. Regardless, we are caught in the tides that wash us to the shore and pull us back into the dark depths of ocean waters.

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Perhaps allowing ourselves to accept this process will help us cope with the ebb and flow of our changing times. At Culture Collective we are always exploring how stories continue to be the thread that holds the seems of our lives together, and celebrate the ways that media and art influence our cultural landscape. When our stories change, the reality we experience changes also.

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Our stories come to us in subtle ways, inspired by dreams, a quiet moment in nature, or a good film. Yet we are still influenced by advertising that wants to convince us we are not enough, or that we don't have enough. We accept judgments from loved ones that may be based in their own fear and jealousy, or their inability to understand the unique people that we are.

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Yet we ingest these stories and perpetuate them without barely time to consider if they are valid to our own heart. Sometimes the line between dreams and reality is not so clearly defined. A liberating and scary thought! If I told you that this post was inspired by a short and poetically beautiful film, would you want to watch it? Over the holidays, my lifelong friend Chase Bowman shared a five-minute film he'd recently worked on. The end result is below.

When I spoke with Kaz about the project she raised the question, "What is it about the power of childhood imagination which normalizes something that, in an adult, is pathological? She asked me to make sure that due credit was afforded to her awesome team, including cinematographer Chase Bowman , production designer Deb O, choreographer Dan Safer, producer Christina King, editor Carter Carter, composers Anton Sanko and Joel Thompson, as well as actors, Sean Haberle and the amazing Arden Truax who played the little leading lady.. Give her website a visit, or go and "Like" her new fan page.

It is with great honor that she has agreed to make her film public and allow for it to be shared freely with the publication of this article! You don't need to give up the responsibilities of adulthood in order to dream like a child. As we learn to accept and laugh at those parts of ourselves that we don't understand, we may learn to accept those parts of others that we don't understand.

This compassion allows for the metaphors, the mysteries, and the magic to sprout new stories in our lives. Enjoy, "Like," tweet and make it viral and see if it changes peoples reality Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

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